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Vol. XIX... No. 16

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As the legal cannabis market continues to grow in states nationwide, a wide range of sustainable farming options for marijuana growers are beginning to take shape. We’re proud to make sustainability a key part of our mission in order to support safe environments for our farm workers and minimize environmental harm, while also continuing to meet the growing demand for our products.  


Sustainability is especially important to us because the environmental impact of growing cannabis can be high in states where outdoor year-round cultivation isn’t possible. The Cannabist reports that legalized indoor cultivation is responsible for one percent of all electricity use in the United States, at a cost of $6 billion per year.


Williams Canna Co. uses HVAC systems on our farm for pest prevention and odor control, along with watering and peak demand strategies. We’re also committed to recycling and partner with local farms to compost the bulk of our soilless media.

One of our more recent sustainability initiatives is the irrigation system we’ve put in. This will enable us to use just one-third of the water compared to other farmers in the county. 

We previously didn’t use herbicides and pesticides, but we’re also stopping the use of all chemical fertilizers and will only use natural fertilizers. We’re always looking for ways to cut down waste on the farm and eliminate as much fuel usage as possible.


Because our mission is to be sustainable and self-sufficient, we utilize a process called Hügelkultur to help us develop our agricultural ecosystem. Hügelkultur is a horticultural technique of making raised garden beds filled with rotten wood.  This technique benefits plants by improving soil warming, soil fertility and water retention.